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For many years now a major component of Acton Refinery has involved the recovery of valuable Platinum Group metals from recycled materials and in particular from recycled car exhaust catalysts. This has major environmental benefits with only 7% of the CO2 being generated compared to producing the same metal by mining new ore.

The recovered products then go primarily to produce new exhaust catalysts and neither current nor future vehicle emission standards could be met without facilities such as Acton Refinery satisfying world demand for these metals.


It is, therefore, especially fitting that the production of PGMs at the Refinery is associated with high levels of environmental protection because these metals are making such a major contribution to improving the quality of our environment.

In recognition of the fact that operating a chemical refinery in the middle of a major estate incorporating mixed commercial and residential properties and a major hospital involves particular environmental challenges, the Refinery maintains close communications with regulating authorities, the local community, contractors and customers on issues related to the environment.

Acton Refinery were runners up in 2008 and winners in 2009 of the Green Business of the Year award from the Park Royal Partnership which is the large industrial park where we are situated