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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform mineral resources into prosperity and sustainable development.

Vale Acton - Mission, Vision and Values
  • For the company’s shareholders, Vale aims to provide a total return greater than the market average in the segments where the company operates.
  • For the company’s customers, Vale aims to provide superior minerals, reliability and value, based on constant innovation and development.
  • For the company’s employees, Vale aims to provide an ethical, transparent and challenging work environment that offers opportunities and engenders pride in the company, by following a competitive merit-based compensation system.
  • For the company’s suppliers, through the company’s long-term vision and willingness to enter into win-win partnerships, Vale aims to provide a continuous supply of quality goods and services at a competitive cost.
  • For the communities and countries where the company operates, through our ethical and respectful operations, Vale aims to ensure that its presence makes a positive contribution towards sustainable development.
  • For all countries where the company operates, Vale aims to improve the populations’ standard of living and boost development through the generation of employment opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the largest mining company in the world, and to surpass established standards of excellence in research, development, project implementation and business operations.

Our Values

  • Prioritizing Life and Safety: Safety is always on our mind. People are more important than material goods. For Vale, the lives, safety and health of our employees, customers and communities always comes first.
  • Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility: We acknowledge the need to promote development while ensuring sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Ethics and Transparency: Our behavior as an organization is characterized by behaving ethically and with integrity. We abide by the laws and moral principles established and accepted by society, and clearly communicate our policies and results.
  • Excellence in Performance: We are committed to the continuous improvement of our processes through the use of industry best practice performance indicators. We promote a high-performance culture to ensure that we develop and sustain lasting competitive advantages.
  • Entrepreneurship: Our determined mindset is the heart of our organization. We are unrelenting in our constant search for new opportunities and innovative solutions in the face of shifting challenges and needs, thus ensuring the successful execution of strategies that contribute to Vale’s growth.
  • Respect for Diversity: We acknowledge one another as equals, and respect our differences. We recognize differences as opportunities for integration, growth and as a competitive advantage.
  • Proud to “Be Vale”: Our pride in our company is the result of all our values. We behave as stewards of our business in the relentless quest to achieve our defined goals. We share and celebrate the fruits of our labor. We are proud to build something that will make a difference. This is why we are proud to be Vale.