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Our primary business is the refining of the platinum group metals (PGMs) from a wide variety of materials. These materials range from complex concentrates, residues and industrial scraps to precious metal-bearing materials from electronic and catalytic applications. We also process many jewellery and dentistry scraps as well as many other PGM bearing materials for both large and small traders.

Upon receipt of your material the first step we take is to prepare a small and completely representative sample. This is then analysed by our chemists and an assay is produced. The next stage for your material is for it to be processed through the Refinery where the precious metals are extracted and out-turned to meet agreed timelines.

You can then either receive the pure metals back from us or we can buy the metal from you.

Our Business - Refining


As well as refining the precious metals, we also offer a range of services to help support our customers requirements These are supplied by our Commercial and Metal Accounting departments whose experienced staff fully understand the needs of our customers. These services include:

  • arranging secure physical worldwide shipments, both to and from the Refinery
  • information on the progress of your materials through the Refinery
  • the purchase of in-process metal (so you don't have to wait for your metal to be outturned)
  • the buying and selling of finished goods
  • the supply of real-time information on precious metal prices
  • metal account transfers
  • monthly metal account statements

Our Business - Services