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All releases to the natural environment are carefully monitored. The most recent Operator Management Assessment (OMA) score conducted by the Environment Agency for the continuous monitoring regime of our emission stacks achieved 96% compliance. Subsequent enhancements we believe will allow a score of 100% to be awarded, since we have addressed all the issues named in their report. Process effluent discharges are required to adhere to strict limits and are comprehensively analysed before discharge is authorised.

We produce three bulk hazardous liquid waste streams from this site. All three are removed off-site and treated by licensed waste contracators.  A new initiative is currently being investigated to treat and reuse Stream 1 (our biggest stream) on site, or discharge to the public sewer as a neutral liquid; both methods thereby eliminating the need for transporting off site.  Stream 2 has been identified to be used in the treatment of waste cyanide materials whilst Stream 3 is currently 100% reused as a feed stock in fertiliser manufacture.

We promote reuse and recycling and encourage our waste contractors to do likewise. Wood, cardboard, paper, metal, plastics, cooking oil, mineral oil, aluminium drink cans and electrical equipment are all collected and recycled.  We also encourage all contractors who work onsite here at the Refinery to have a policy of reuse and recycle.